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Rooted in the African-American Literary Tradition

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The Passions of Our Culture Curated by Dr. Loren D. Alves

Honoring the legacy of civil rights heroes who paved the way for future generations, “The Passions of Our Culture” serves as a bridge between past and present. It delves into the uniqueness that defines us, offering a celebration of our cultural beauty while emphasizing its intrinsic link to history. Amid the contemporary challenge of cultural erasure and rewriting, this anthology not only entertains but also educates and enlightens.

Within its pages, readers encounter trailblazers and heroes of the civil rights movement, individuals who faced mortality to champion change. Drawing inspiration from the biblical admonition to ‘write the vision and make it plain,’ this book weaves together entertainment and enlightenment. As we collectively journey to embrace the passion of our culture, “The Passions of Our Culture” stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of resilience, transformation, and pride.

The foreword is written by James Pickens Jr. who has entertained millions both on stage and on television in the award-winning television series “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Spice and Spectrum: Recipes for Resilience by iCan Dream Center

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Spice and Spectrum: Recipes for Resilience by iCan Dream Center and Chef Jerome Brown Spice and Spectrum, Recipes for Resilience is an illustration of the iCan Dream Center students’ passion. This is more than a cookbook – it is an expression of creativity. Many diverse students have internalized the messages that reinforce limitations, but our dreamers are encouraged to be boundless in the kitchen. This heart-warming book is separated into sections that include original entree recipes, dessert recipes, and activities to extend learning in the kitchen. These pages are filled with sentiments that give a little taste of the iCan Dream Center’s family culture. This is your invitation to join us in a feast of celebrating growth, innovation, and the accomplishments of our learners.  Get your copy today!

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Concierge Services For Authors

Soar Package – $5,500.00  Deposit: $1,500.00  |  Publication Timeline:  3-6 months

Embark on your publishing adventure with our comprehensive service package designed to elevate your authorial journey. Benefit from an Editorial Evaluation, offering invaluable insights. Choose from versatile formats – softcover, hardcover, and e-book. Enjoy the luxury of custom cover and interior design. Amplify your reach with global and online distribution channels.

Receive digital promotional copies to enhance your online presence. Get 20 printed copies for personal or promotional use. Boost your visibility with a Social Media Kit tailored to your book. Extend your influence with a professionally crafted Press Release sent to 20 influential Media Outlets. Elevate your promotional efforts with the design of impactful Marketing Materials.

For authors of children’s books, we offer specialized Marketing Assistance tailored to this unique genre. Take that extra mile in your publishing journey, ensuring your work is presented with the utmost professionalism and reaches a global audience.

Pay Now for the SOAR package.

Excel Package – $7,500.00   Deposit:  $1,500.00  |  Publication Timeline:  6-9 months

Tailored for authors seeking expert editorial guidance to polish their narratives, this service provides comprehensive book coaching and marketing support. The package includes a valuable resource: 20 printed books and 50 BookFunnel ebooks, facilitating the distribution of review copies. A customized landing page is also included to enhance your online presence.

In addition, our partnership with EDC Creations offers an exclusive promotional opportunity through the Level Up Package ($850.00), ensuring your book receives targeted and strategic promotion to reach its maximum potential audience. Ideal for authors aiming to refine their stories and boost their book’s visibility, this service is a comprehensive solution for a successful publishing journey.

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Prosperity Elite – $12,500.00  Deposit:  $3,500.00  |  Publication Timeline: 18 months

Soar and Excel Packages are included. Package also includes five page website, audiobook, ebook and hardcover finished book. Author is a featured speaker and included in 2 Prosperity live events. Author receives 1 case of printed books and 50 BookFunnel ebooks to give as review copies. EDC Creations promotes with the Wheatley Package ($2,500.00). Click here to view all of the EDC Creations frequently asked questions and the packages, go here.

Immerse yourself in the epitome of authorial luxury with our Elite package—an all-inclusive service meticulously crafted for authors who demand the pinnacle of design customization, reminiscent of the Soar and Excel pages. This unparalleled offering provides a comprehensive suite of features:

‣ Five-Page Website: Establish a dynamic online presence with a customized website that reflects your authorial identity.

‣ Audiobook, Ebook, and Hardcover: Experience the trifecta of book formats, ensuring your work reaches audiences in their preferred medium.

‣ Printed Books and BookF‣unnel Ebooks: Receive one case of beautifully finished, printed books and 100 BookFunnel ebooks to effortlessly distribute review copies.

But that’s not all. The Elite package extends beyond the physical and digital realms to offer an extensive array of marketing services, including:

‣ Marketing by EDC Creations’ Wheatley Package ($2,500.00): Harness the power of strategic promotion with EDC Creations to amplify your book’s visibility.

‣ Author Brand Development: Establish and strengthen your personal brand as an author.

‣ Ghostwriting (Available for Discussion): Explore the possibility of collaborative writing to enhance your literary endeavors.

‣ 4-Week Book Launch Campaign: Benefit from a meticulously planned campaign to generate buzz and excitement around your book release.

‣ Book Marketing Video: Engage your audience visually with a compelling marketing video.

‣ Full-Page Digital Magazine Feature: Secure a prominent spot in a digital magazine to showcase your literary prowess.

‣ Video & Podcast Radio Interview: Connect with your audience through multimedia channels with a professionally conducted interview.

‣ Facebook and Instagram Ads: Leverage the power of social media advertising to reach a broader audience.

‣ Goodreads Giveaway Contest for Reviews: Cultivate reader engagement and garner reviews through a targeted Goodreads giveaway contest.

Elevate your authorial journey to new heights with the Elite package—a comprehensive solution that transcends traditional publishing services.


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