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Book Marketing Timeline for 6 Month Book Release

6-12 months before release

Establish Your Online Presence
Develop a website, author page, or blog with captivating visuals and compelling content.
Launch at least two social media accounts on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter/X, and Facebook.

Build a Social Media Following
Tailor content to each platform, utilizing trends and engaging storytelling.
Initiate conversations and respond to comments to foster a community.

Audience Engagement
Use teaser content and exclusive glimpses on your website, blog, or social media to generate interest.
Collaborate with your publisher, aligning your efforts with their marketing plans.

Know Your Audience
Dive into data analytics to understand your target market’s preferences and habits.
Develop a strategy to connect with them authentically.

Strategic Research
Identify book clubs, blogs, and influencers relevant to your genre.
Tailor your online presence to align with potential features.


4-6 months before release:

Build a Subscriber Base
Develop an email subscription campaign offering exclusive content and early updates.
Engage with subscribers through newsletters, polls, or virtual events.

Social Media Growth
Leverage storytelling techniques to keep followers intrigued.
Implement growth strategies, including targeted ads and collaborations.

Book Club Engagement
Personally engage with book clubs through virtual events or Q&A sessions.
Provide book club kits or discussion guides for easier integration.

Explore Opportunities
Actively participate in online book festivals and communities.
Collaborate with influencers for potential features or shoutouts.

Media Materials
Craft a visually appealing press release and media kit.
Monitor your online presence and adjust strategies based on Google alerts.

Promotional Schedule
Create a dynamic marketing calendar to streamline your efforts.
Plan an engaging promotional schedule with blog tours, virtual school visits, and conference appearances.


3 months before release:

Media Outreach
Personalize your pitches to TV, newspaper, and radio outlets.
Offer exclusive interviews, previews, or guest articles.

Multimedia Content
Leverage multimedia platforms for teaser content, leading up to the book launch.
Organize virtual book launch events to build anticipation.

Elevator Pitch
Develop a succinct yet compelling 30-second elevator pitch for interviews or social media interactions.

Facebook Ads and Giveaways
Allocate a budget for Facebook Ads to reach a broader audience.
Plan strategic giveaways on platforms like Goodreads, BookFunnel, and NetGalley.


1 month before release:

Digital Updates
Create graphics for announcing release events and pre-orders on social media.
Craft engaging social media posts, utilizing visuals and links for easy access.
Optimize newsletter distribution for broader reach. Purchase eblasts from others.

Contests and Giveaways
Implement contests with clear entry instructions and engaging prompts.
Partner with influencers to boost contest visibility.

Livestream with StreamYard
Utilize StreamYard for dynamic live events, Q&A sessions, or virtual book signings.
Share behind-the-scenes content to create a sense of exclusivity.


Book Launch Action Plan

Days Leading to Launch & Social Media Countdown:
Create visually appealing countdown posts across all social media platforms.
Engage followers with interactive elements like polls, quizzes, or Q&A sessions.

Email Blast to Subscribers:
Send an exclusive email to your subscribers, offering a sneak peek or a personal message.
Include direct links to purchase the book and encourage them to share the news.

Review Reminders:
Reach out to bloggers, book clubs, and reviewers, reminding them of the release.
Provide them with any additional materials they might need.


Book Launch Day

Early Morning Announcement:
Share a dedicated launch announcement on social media early in the day.
Use compelling visuals and an impactful caption to grab attention.

Live Launch Event:
Host a live launch event using platforms like Instagram or Facebook Live.
Interact with the audience, read excerpts, and answer questions.

Email Blast:
Send a second email blast on launch day, emphasizing the excitement.
Encourage readers to share their purchases on social media.


Throughout the Week

Thank-You Posts:
Regularly express gratitude on social media for the support received.
Share screenshots of reviews or shoutouts.

Interactive Content:
Create engaging polls, quizzes, or challenges related to the book.
Encourage followers to share their thoughts or favorite quotes.

Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses:
Share behind-the-scenes moments of the launch week.
Offer insights into your writing process, celebrations, or reactions.



Contests and Giveaways:
Continue or initiate contests and giveaways to maintain momentum.
Partner with influencers for collaborative giveaways.

Author Interviews:
Secure interviews with relevant blogs, podcasts, or media outlets.
Share insights about the book, your writing journey, and future projects.

Interactive Virtual Events:
Plan interactive virtual events like a Twitter chat or Instagram Live session.
Engage directly with readers, answer questions, and share anecdotes.


Long-Term Strategy

Sustain Social Media Presence:
Continue posting regularly on social media with a mix of promotional and engaging content.
Share ongoing updates, reader testimonials, or any accolades received.


Thank-You Campaign
Launch a thank-you campaign acknowledging readers, reviewers, and supporters.
Offer exclusive content or discounts to express appreciation.

Leverage Influencer Relationships:
Keep the momentum going by collaborating with influencers for post-launch promotions.
Encourage influencers to share their thoughts on the book.


Plan for the Next Phase
Strategize for the post-launch phase, considering book tours, virtual signings, or further marketing initiatives.
Develop a plan to keep readers engaged with your work beyond the initial launch.

Ongoing Monitoring:
Utilize Google alerts for continuous monitoring of press and online presence.
Adjust strategies based on ongoing analytics.

Reader Engagement:
Foster a community by responding to reviews and showcasing reader-generated content.
Utilize social media for ongoing engagement, expressing gratitude and sharing updates.

Influencer Shoutouts:
Collaborate with influencers for post-launch shoutouts, reviews, or partnerships.
Leverage their audience for continued book promotion.

Iterative Strategy
Continuously analyze the effectiveness of strategies and adjust for ongoing success.

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