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Welcome to the enchanting world of Prosperity Dream Weavers, an inspirational imprint celebrating young minds’ dreams, hopes, and limitless potential. To view the book(s), go here.

We publish captivating books for children, middle-grade, and young adult readers that engage the imagination and empower the human spirit. Our stories reflect the richness of the African American experience, allowing readers to see themselves represented and celebrated in tales of adventure, self-discovery, and pursuing one’s passions against all odds.

The Prosperity Dream Weavers collection includes contemporary fiction portraying Black youth overcoming adversity with resilience, determination, and courage. We also publish moving non-fiction, such as biographies of inspirational figures who epitomize Black excellence across arts, activism, science, and leadership.

Our books enable young readers to learn, escape, envision a bright future, and unwind with characters and messages that resonate with their lives. We are sparking curiosity about culture, history, and what it means to soar truly. Our authors’ words are wings that lift the hopes and dreams of children and teens within the African-American community.

Prosperity Dream Weavers is where imagination takes flight. Come along and let our stories empower your young reader to dream big!

Prosperity Publications is an African American publishing company committed to preserving history, strengthening communities, and creating a lasting legacy. With a mission to empower talented authors, writers, and poets by providing a platform to share their voices and stories, Prosperity Publications fosters black excellence. Through community engagement, cultural preservation, and partnerships with non-profit organizations, the publishing house inspires positive change and empowers individuals. Prosperity Publications specializes in literary fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, and celebrity autobiographies, rooted in the African-American Literary Tradition.