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Are you an aspiring author with a captivating story or groundbreaking idea ready to share with the world? Look no further – Prosperity Publications is actively seeking new and innovative voices to join our diverse roster of talented authors. Our commitment to fostering creativity, inspiration, and entertainment sets us apart as a forward-thinking publishing company ready to bring your vision to life.

Submission Guidelines: What We’re Looking For
Prosperity Publications is on the lookout for engaging and innovative manuscripts that align with our commitment to creating books that inspire and entertain. We invite you to submit proposals that resonate with the following genres:

Fiction and Nonfiction: Whether your narrative is a captivating novel, an insightful memoir, or an informative guide, we are eager to explore a diverse range of fiction and nonfiction works.

Children’s Books: We have a special place for stories that captivate young minds. For children’s book submissions, we encourage full manuscript submissions to immerse us in the enchanting world you’ve crafted fully.

Poetry Collections: If your words dance on the page, we want to hear them. For poetry collections, please submit the entire manuscript, allowing us to experience the rhythmic beauty of your work.

Why Prosperity Publications?
At Prosperity Publications, we go beyond the conventional role of a publisher. Our dedicated book consulting team is here to guide you through every step of the publishing process. From refining your manuscript to handling book sales, marketing, printing, distribution, and fulfillment – we offer a one-stop-shop solution for all your publishing needs.

Join Us on the Journey
If you’re ready to embark on a publishing journey with a company that values creativity, quality, and innovation, Prosperity Publications is eager to hear from you. Submit your proposal, and let’s explore the possibilities together. Your story could be the next captivating addition to our growing family of authors. If you would like to schedule a Discovery Call with us, please visit this scheduler today.

Submission Guidelines for Prosperity Publications Imprints

Submitting Your Manuscript:
Prosperity Publications exclusively accepts submissions through our electronic submission system or via email. Please email your submissions to

Ensure your submission provides a concise overview of yourself, emphasizing your skills and qualifications related to the subject of your proposed book. It is crucial for us to gain insights into your publishing history, including previous works, their publishers, and their current availability.

Formatting Your Manuscript:
For consistency and readability, adhere to the following formatting guidelines:

  1. Font: Utilize a 12-point type for your manuscript.
  2. Margins: Maintain at least one-inch margins on all sides of the page.
  3. Page Numbers: Sequentially number all pages of your manuscript.
  4. Fiction and Nonfiction: Double-space your submissions.
  5. Poetry and Children’s Books: Single-space your submissions.
  6. If you have images or graphics for the book, we will consider up to three.

Author’s Information:
For email submissions, include the following details at the top of your manuscript’s first page:

  1. Author’s Name: Provide your full name.
  2. Address: Include your mailing address.
  3. Telephone Number: Share your contact number.
  4. Email Address: Provide an email address for correspondence.
  5. Preferred Time for Phone Contact: Indicate a suitable time for discussing the project.
  6. Biography: Accompany your submission with a brief bio that includes relevant details about your writing experience, accomplishments, or any pertinent information that would aid us in understanding your background.

Response Time:
Prosperity Publications is committed to prompt submission reviews. Our response time typically ranges from six weeks to three months. Please be aware that our busiest periods, notably September-December, might result in slightly longer response times during those months.

Thank you for considering Prosperity Publications for your submission. We eagerly anticipate reviewing your work and appreciate your adherence to these guidelines.