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The Passion of Our Culture: Curated by Prosperity Publications

The Passion of Our Culture” is an anthology conceived of love, respect, and appreciation for black culture. Prosperity Publications has compiled an anthology containing fiction and non-fiction stories by a wide range of authors, including NBA legend George Gervin and the late President of 100 Black Men Thomas Dortch as well as other notables.

The anthology offers a distinct perspective from each author presented in this literary work, which offers a glimpse at both fiction and non-fiction works. We have found ourselves asking, “Are we better off today than we were before?” as we navigate the 21st century. “Are all the sacrifices made in the last century for naught?”

The foreword is written by James Pickens Jr., who has entertained millions both on stage and television in the award-winning series “Grey’s Anatomy.”

It was written in honor of our ancestors, who were our civil rights heroes. This anthology showcases fiction as well as nonfiction to illustrate the uniqueness that exists among us. As we find ourselves on the cusp of the erasure and rewriting of our culture in contemporary times, this anthology is not only a celebration of the beauty of our culture but also a link to our history.

Several trailblazers and heroes of the civil rights movement are presented in the anthology, many of whom often defied death to demand and espouse change. “Write the vision and make it plain,” as the book of Habakkuk states. This book seeks to entertain, educate, and enlighten all of us as we journey together to embrace the passion of our culture.”

Anthology participants:

Foreword by James Picket, Jr. of Grey’s Anatomy
Thomas Dortch, President of the 100 black men of America
Nevil Shed, Former NBA Player
Michael Booker, NFL Player
Toschia Moffett
Dr. Loren D. Alves
Earl Blanche, Jr.
George Gervin
Rhonda Lawson
Chef Jerome Brown
Norma Bradford
Lamont Lowery
Chef Jerome Brown
Jeffrey Gunter
Claude Williams
George Miller
Frederick Williams
JW Sanders
Margaret Richardson
David Floyd
Sephira Shuttlesworth
Cary Clack

Colors by Jennifer Reed

Colors by Jennifer Reed, BA, MA, Ed.D

“Colors” by Jennifer Reed is a captivating children’s book that follows Monica, a spirited preschooler, as she discovers the wonders of colors in her everyday world. From the sky’s brilliant hues to the vibrant vegetables in her kitchen, Monica’s journey is a delightful exploration of learning and joy.

Written by Jennifer Reed, an expert in early childhood development with over 15 years of experience, “Colors” is more than a story; it’s an invitation to a world where curiosity meets education. Reed’s passion for fostering growth and relationships shines through, making this book valuable to any child’s library.

With charming illustrations and a playful narrative, “Colors” sparks a love for colors and encourages young readers to see the beauty in everyday things. This book is a celebration of curiosity, learning, and the magical tapestry of life—a perfect read for children eager to embark on imaginative adventures.

About the Author
Jennifer Reed has eight years of experience conducting Head Start/Early Head Start Reviews in CLASS Early Childhood Development and is a Professional Grant Reader for the OHS and other Governmental agencies. She is an Early Childhood industry expert with more than 15 years of successful experience in full life cycle Training, Teaching, Monitoring, Consulting, Recruiting, and Business Development. Jennifer Reed has a proven ability to foster relationships with Programs, Child Care Centers, and other State and Federal organizations with positive business opportunities.

Jennifer is most fulfilled when helping programs to grow professionally. Her vision and ability to nurture relationships lead to long-term solutions and success. Jennifer began her career by being a Home Visitor and conducting training for childcare centers. She grew into a lead teacher and then a Center Director within four years. She has subsequently consulted with Head Start in South Carolina, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Florida in the areas of CLASS, School Readiness, Educational Management, Strategic Plans, and Documentation preparation.

Z-Nef 45 Years of Excellence In Scholarship, Community Outreach and Related Research

Introduction to the 45th Anniversary Commemorative History Book

Prepare to embark on an inspiring journey through the 45th Anniversary Commemorative History Book of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority National Educational Foundation (ZNEF). This enlightening publication, set to be available in March at bookstores nationwide, will ignite your motivation to strive for greatness. As we delve into the lives of ZNEF’s founders and their unwavering commitment to others, you’ll be enriched and inspired. This book also introduces the remarkable black women who represent Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., offering a source of inspiration through their stories, achievements, and the transformative impact of their scholarships.


Founding and Core Mission

ZNEF, established by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority members in 1975, was created with an exclusive focus on charitable and educational purposes. This history book commemorates the monumental journey of its first centennial. Its core mission is centered around supporting higher education by granting scholarships and conducting community education programs, all with the overarching goal of enhancing individual and community living standards.


The PhD Game: Confessions of a Black Academic

The PhD Game: Confessions of a Black Academic, is a collection of essays detailing the doctoral journeys of 15 African American doctoral degree holders. Although the National Center for Education Statistics named African American women the most educated group in the United States, the quest for doctoral and other advanced degrees is not easy, and is often not completed.

Antoinette Franklin, the book’s managing editor, explained that she started this project to serve as a source of inspiration to future doctoral holders to complete their advanced education.

“The book is a collection of stories of glory, racism, sexism, and happiness,” she said. “It shares their experiences and how they overcame those misfortunes and achieved the pinnacle of education attainment. The book also discusses the issues facing America’s colleges and universities concerning diversity in the faculty and administration.”

Spice and Spectrum: Recipes for Resilience by iCan Dream Center

Spice and Spectrum: Recipes for Resilience by iCan Dream Center and Chef Jerome Brown

Spice and Spectrum, Recipes for Resilience is an illustration of the iCan Dream Center students’ passion. This is more than a cookbook – it is an expression of creativity. Many diverse students have internalized the messages that reinforce limitations, but our dreamers are encouraged to be boundless in the kitchen. This heart-warming book is separated into sections that include original entree recipes, dessert recipes, and activities to extend learning in the kitchen.

These pages are filled with sentiments that give a little taste of the iCan Dream Center’s family culture. This is your invitation to join us in a feast of celebrating growth, innovation, and the accomplishments of our learners.  Get your copy today!

Courage to Pursue: A Guide to Greatness by Lisa Blackmon

Courage to Pursue: A Guide to Greatness by Lisa Blackmon

Courage to Pursue is a guide in which readers will experience how they can conquer the spirit of fear to turn their dreams into reality. Each part of this book encourages readers to move out of their comfort zone to find the courage they need to succeed.

Blackmon takes the readers through a series of points to get them to understand their purpose. She gives tips to the readers about what they should do to be all they can be. This book is full of positive affirmations that will allow readers to believe in themselves over and over again. Blackmon uses her life moments to share with readers how she had to use courage to get where she is right now.

She transparently shares with the readers how she refused to allow fear to stop her and encourages them not to allow it to stop them. Readers are prompted to tap into their Five W’s and one H (Who, What, When, Why, and How) to understand and develop their own purpose on earth.

This amazing book not only inspires but also helps the reader to develop into the person they have always dreamed of becoming. Blackmon writer’s voice is similar to that of a life coach. It is inspiring, rather than condescending. This touch allows the reader to understand that no matter what they’ve experienced in life, they can still move forward into all God has for them. Lisa has created a unique and classic guide to develop courage in every individual who has lost hope in completing their dreams.

The Fires of Greenwood (Novel) by Frederick Williams

The Fires of Greenwood: The Tulsa Riot of 1921 (Novel) by Frederick Williams

In the early morning hours of June 1, 1921, hordes of angry whites in Tulsa, Oklahoma, crossed the Frisco railroad tracks into the Greenwood section known as Black Wall Street, armed with weapons and a determination to destroy. Within a seven-hour period, they managed to slaughter over three hundred African Americans, while literally burning down all the businesses and homes within a 33 block radius. This well-written, fictionalized version chronicles the events that led to one of the most horrendous slaughters of American citizens in this country’s troubled racial past.