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At Prosperity, we recognize the richness and diversity of African-American literature and are committed to providing a platform for authors to share their unique perspectives, experiences, and creativity.

We actively seek submissions celebrating the African-American community, its history, culture, and contemporary issues. Our imprints are dedicated to publishing a wide range of genres, including devotionals, art books, fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, cookbooks, history books, poetry, young adult, and children’s literature.

We encourage both established and emerging writers to submit their work, as we believe in fostering new talent and nurturing established voices. We are eager to explore the vibrant tapestry of African-American narratives and look forward to reviewing your submissions.

Prosperity will publish on a three-season cycle:

Winter (January-April) open submissions are due before – December 1st

Summer (May-August) open submissions are due before – April 1st

Fall (September-December) open submissions are due before – August 1st

Books have to be submitted to begin the process 30 days before a season begins so that the Acquisition Team and the executive editor can evaluate and discuss the manuscripts.

Here are the Submissions Guidelines to Present Your Book


Prosperity Publications Legacy Imprint

Publishes books with these themes: Politics & Race Relations, LGBTQ+ Non-fiction & Fiction, Literary Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Romance, History, Mystery, Science Fiction, Art & Photography, Humanities & Social Sciences, Parenting & Families and Science & Technology.

At Prosperity Publications, we are more than just a publishing imprint; we are a beacon of knowledge, creativity, and diversity. Our diverse catalog encompasses a rich selection of genres and themes, each book a window into a world of exploration and understanding.

➛ Politics & Race Relations: Our collection here delves into the heart of societal structures, offering insightful analyses and thought-provoking narratives that challenge and enlighten.

➛ LGBTQ+ Non-fiction & Fiction: With a dedication to representing voices across the spectrum, our LGBTQ+ collection ranges from real-life stories to imaginative fiction, celebrating diversity’s beauty.

➛ Literary & Contemporary Fiction: For lovers of prose and poignant storytelling, our literary and contemporary fiction selections offer a journey through complex characters, intricate plots, and eloquent narratives.

➛ Women’s Fiction & Romance: Through empowering tales and heartwarming romances, our books in these genres speak to the experiences and dreams of women from all walks of life.

➛ History & Mystery: Step back in time with our history collection or unravel the unknown with our gripping mysteries, each book promising a captivating experience.

➛ Science Fiction: Our science fiction titles transport readers to other worlds, blending imagination with speculation and often reflecting on our own society.

➛ Art & Photography: Visual splendor awaits in our art and photography books, perfect for those who find solace and inspiration in visual storytelling.

➛ Humanities & Social Sciences: From philosophy to sociology, our humanities and social sciences titles provoke thought and encourage intellectual exploration.

➛ Parenting & Families: For those navigating the journey of parenthood or exploring family dynamics, our books offer guidance, stories, and reflections.

➛ Science & Technology: At the cutting edge of innovation, our science and technology books demystify complex concepts and highlight groundbreaking advancements.

In every book, ebook, audiobook, and journal we publish, we strive to uphold the values of inclusivity, education, and inspiration. Prosperity Publications is not just a brand; it’s a promise – a promise to enlighten, entertain, and empower our readers. Join us in our quest for knowledge and discovery, and be a part of a world where every story matters and every voice is heard.

Prosperity Faith – Religious, Spiritual, and Faith-based

We are thrilled to embark on this spiritual journey with you, offering a sanctuary of words that will uplift your soul and deepen your connection to the divine. Our imprint is dedicated to showcasing the rich tapestry of religious, spiritual, and faith-based literature within the African-American community.

Submission Guidelines for Prosperity Faith:

Engage: We welcome manuscripts that captivate readers, sparking thought-provoking conversations about faith, spirituality, and religion. We encourage submissions that explore the diverse expressions of African-American religious experiences, from personal testimonies to theological discussions. Let your words become a bridge that connects hearts and minds, encouraging readers to reflect on their own beliefs and practices.

Empower: We seek manuscripts that empower individuals to embrace their spirituality and find strength in their faith. Submissions should offer practical guidance, uplifting messages, and transformative insights that equip readers with the tools to navigate life’s challenges. Whether through personal narratives, devotional literature, or spiritual guidance, we invite you to share stories that inspire resilience, inner peace, and personal growth.

Enlighten: Our imprint values books that shed light on different spiritual traditions, promoting understanding and fostering interfaith dialogue. We encourage submissions that explore the intersections of spirituality, culture, and identity, providing a platform for diverse voices within the African-American community. Challenge conventional wisdom, present new perspectives, and delve into the depths of spiritual wisdom to enlighten readers and broaden their horizons.

Prosperity Dream Weavers – Young Adult/Teens and Children’s Books with Illustrations

Prosperity Dream Weavers is a magical world of imagination and wonder where dreams take flight on the wings of words. Our imprint is dedicated to empowering young readers, offering books that engage, empower, and enlighten children and teens within the African-American community. Through captivating stories, memorable characters, and meaningful themes, we aim to nurture the dreams and aspirations of our young audience, inspiring them to believe in their limitless potential.

Submission Guidelines for Prosperity Dream Weavers:

Engage: We seek manuscripts that spark the imagination, transporting young readers to new worlds and captivating their attention from beginning to end. Whether it’s a heartwarming tale, an adventurous journey, or a coming-of-age story, engage young minds with vibrant storytelling, relatable characters, and themes that resonate with their experiences.

Empower: We invite submissions that empower children and teens, celebrating their uniqueness and helping them navigate the challenges of growing up. Our books should inspire confidence, self-belief, and resilience, showcasing diverse characters who overcome obstacles and embrace their individuality. Instill in young readers the belief that they can shape their destiny and positively impact the world.

Enlighten: At Prosperity Dream Weavers, we value stories that enlighten young minds, fostering empathy, understanding, and a sense of social responsibility. Our books should explore themes of diversity, inclusivity, and social justice, promoting dialogue and compassion among young readers. Help children and teens broaden their horizons, discover new perspectives, and cultivate an appreciation for the rich tapestry of human experiences.

Prosperity Soul – Health, Mind, Body, and Spirit (Adults Only)

Prosperity Soul is a sanctuary of knowledge and wisdom dedicated to the holistic well-being of the African-American community. Our imprint is committed to enriching lives by offering books for adults that engage, empower, and enlighten readers on health, mind, body, and spirit matters. We invite you to embark on a transformative journey, embracing self-care and personal growth, personal development, and nurturing a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

Submission Guidelines for Prosperity Soul:

Engage: We seek manuscripts that engage readers on a profound level, encouraging them to prioritize their well-being and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Whether it’s through practical health guides, mindfulness practices, or spiritual explorations, captivate readers with compelling narratives, insightful research, and practical advice. Help them uncover the keys to living a balanced and fulfilling life.

Empower: Our imprint values manuscripts that empower readers to take charge of their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Submissions should provide tools, strategies, and inspiration that promote self-empowerment, resilience, and personal growth. Share personal stories, expert insights, and transformative practices that allow readers better to understand themselves and their unique paths to wellness.

Enlighten: We invite manuscripts that enlighten readers, expanding their knowledge and challenging conventional beliefs. Our books should explore the intersections of culture, history, and spirituality, shedding light on the African-American experience and its impact on holistic well-being. Encourage readers to embrace their heritage, celebrate their identities, and reclaim traditional practices that promote balance and harmony in their lives.

Prosperity Elevation – Memoirs, Business, Finance, Sports Legends and Community Leaders

Prosperity Elevation is where extraordinary stories take center stage, and the pursuit of greatness knows no bounds. Our imprint is dedicated to showcasing memoirs, business insights, finance strategies, political discussions, and the captivating world of athletes, sports, and legends within the African-American community.

Submission Guidelines for Prosperity Elevation:

Engage: We seek manuscripts that engage readers with gripping narratives, transporting them into the lives of extraordinary individuals who have made their mark in business, finance, politics, and the world of sports. Captivate readers with compelling storytelling, providing an intimate glimpse into the challenges, triumphs, and transformative moments that shaped these remarkable journeys. Engage readers’ hearts and minds, sparking conversations and encouraging them to dream bigger.

Empower: Our imprint values manuscripts that empower readers to unlock their full potential, offering insights, strategies, and inspiration that can be applied to their own lives and endeavors. Whether it’s through personal memoirs, business guides, or accounts of resilience and determination, share stories that instill a sense of possibility, ambition, and self-belief. Empower readers to embrace their passions, overcome obstacles, and make a lasting impact in their chosen fields.

Enlighten: We invite manuscripts that enlighten readers, shedding light on the intricate connections between personal success and the wider world. Explore the intersections of race, identity, and achievement, providing a platform for underrepresented voices and celebrating the achievements of African-American trailblazers. Foster dialogue on social and political issues, encouraging readers to engage critically with the world around them and effect positive change.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and embarking on this enriching journey together. Please note that these submission guidelines are general, and specific requirements and formatting details will be determined based on each book.

Here are the Submissions Guidelines to Present Your Book

Prosperity Publications is an African American publishing company committed to preserving history, strengthening communities, and creating a lasting legacy. With a mission to empower talented authors, writers, and poets by providing a platform to share their voices and stories, Prosperity Publications fosters black excellence. Through community engagement, cultural preservation, and partnerships with non-profit organizations, the publishing house inspires positive change and empowers individuals. Prosperity Publications specializes in literary fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, and celebrity autobiographies, rooted in the African-American Literary Tradition.