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Tera Davis-Adams is an "Army brat" born into a family of career military parents. She is a native of Columbia, SC. After graduating from Morris College where she received a degree in sociology, she entered the US Navy. Although she might be a Navy Veteran, but her most life-threatening battle had nothing to do with guns, or fighting off enemy attacks. Instead, at the age of 28, she found herself fighting, 'Inner-me' attacks. Inside of her body was a silent killer that had been secretly lurking and hiding itself in her joints and organs going undetected by medical examinations, and the expert knowledge of the doctors. Before she knew it ... she was ambushed.

The enemy was no longer a secret, it had a name. Lupus! A disease that is off the radars of many. A disease that is rarely talked about, or even heard of. An autoimmune disease where the body's immune defenses turn and begins to attack itself. In Tera's case she had to undergo the painful process of two hip replacements, a hysterectomy and the removal of her appendix.

Although, the disease affect people in different ways it's no secret that it can kill if not dealt with. Now, at the age of 41, Tera Adams is determined not to be gunned down by the ruthless attack of lupus. No! Instead, she has chosen to put on her armor of faith and fight for her life as well as bring awareness to the disease so that others are not caught off guard.

Tera is a women's empowerment speaker, active in her church, her community, her sorority, and spends her free time working on her soon to be released book and completing her 2nd degree in Leadership at Columbia College.

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  The Story behind my Praise is the soul stirring story of Tera Davis Adams a young woman who had her whole life ahead of her, degree in tow and was headed off to the Navy to "change the world," when the unspeakable happened, her life stopped due to an unwanted attack!  


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