Ghost Writing

Prosperity Publications offers a wide selection of talent for transforming your project or dream into a book for all genres.

Our specialty includes fiction and the new genre of creative non-fiction.  We work closely with you to gather the necessary information, determine your vision for the piece and ensure that we conform to that vision throughout the ghostwriting process.  We begin with a concept, theme, or idea and assist the customer to convert their ideas into a finished product either fiction or creative non-fiction format.  We assign writers to work with the client, based on the nature of the story to be produced.

Prosperity Publications provides the opportunity to complete your book, satisfy your dream of becoming a writer or get your project off the ground and completed.  Contact us and see how little it can cost to advance your goals or fulfill your life-long dream of writing a book and becoming an author.

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Creative Writing

Prosperity Publications has a staff of writers who have conducted creative writing workshops throughout the country for the past ten years.

Our workshops provide the clients with knowledge of the craft of writing. We teach the use of many different techniques to help you find your way through the novel, essay, memoir, or script you are writing or hope to write.

Upon completion of the seminar, our customers will understand the importance of identifying the theme behind her or his story and how to apply the plot, dialogue, character development, conflict, and beginning, middle, and end to the story. Workshops can be conducted for one day or over a two-month timeframe depending on the depth of the material presented.


At Prosperity Publications we provide the most extensive distribution network opportunities available to independent authors. We work with Barnes and Nobles, Amazon to ensure that your book will get the most visibility possible.

Book Publishing

Prosperity Publications can help guide your from the publishing of your book to the distribution and marketing of your book.

We provide services to authors, self-published authors

Our book editors have edited fiction and non-fiction books and will work with you to craft and finalize your manuscript with our copyediting and proofreading services.

Writing Seminars

Prosperity Publications specializes in several type of writing seminars including: memoirs, creative writing, non-fiction, and creative non-fiction.

We have conducted writing seminars for Black writers on tour, Zora Neale Hurston Arts & Humanities Festival, several book stores across the country. Along with various military bases.

Book Consulting

The book consulting team at Prosperity Publications specializes in helping guide authors and small presses through the entire book publishing process step-by-step. We will review the first 30 pages of your manuscript and provide insight as to how you should proceed whether you decide to use Prosperity Publications or another company of your choice.


We can provide keynote speakers for your event. In addition, we also provide panel discussion groups as well for a range of topics from Social issues, to black history, women's history and literary topics. Our signature workshop is on "Images of blacks, past and present" "Black is the new black: changing the image of the Color Black" and other cultural issues. We have conducted workshops/panel discussions/and speaking engagements for the National Pan Hellenic Council, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Central State University, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Zeta Phi Beta Incorporation, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Groove Phi Groove Social organization, Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. United States Army, Barton College, Limestone College, Georgia Tech University, University of Georgia, Miami-Dade College, Coker College, St. Phillips College, University of Texas at San Antonio, Atlanta NPHC, US Dept. of Agriculture, RawSistaz Literary Event, Sister to Sisters Sorority Luncheons, Mainstream and Independent bookstores, Black Caucus of the American Library Association, Harlem Book Fair, Queen's Library in New York.

Book Marketing Services

Our book marketing services are tailored to your book, your category and your goals. A strategic print book marketing plan and ebook marketing timeline are essential to your success. More books are published each year than ever before. Finding and reaching readers has become more and more difficult.

Amazon Book Sales - Maximizing your presence on and launching a strategic Amazon book review campaign is key to your success.

Book Marketing Plan - Prosperity Publications can help you with your book marketing and sales plan.

Submissions Guidelines

Please write to us explaining your idea and enclose an outline and a sample chapter of the proposed book (typed and double-spaced, please) along with sample illustrations where applicable. For Children's books, please submit full manuscripts. Please email to: Be sure to include information about yourself with particular regard to your skills and qualifications in the subject area of your submission. It is helpful for us to know your publishing history - whether or not you've written other books and, if so, the name of the publisher and whether those books are currently in print.


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