Youth Stars

Our goal at Prosperity is to highlight the achievements of young stars across the country.


Miss A'mari Bing Way

Age: 16

Grade: Rising Junior

School: Andover High School, Andover, MA

A'mari enjoys reading, writing and listening to music. She speaks French and aspires to travel the world and learn about art, language, food and photography.

A'mari was selected to participate and will be attending the "At-The-Well" young women's leadership conference at Princeton University this Summer.

She was a finalist for the study abroad Young Diplomat's program sponsored by the

Her plans after high school are to attend UC Berkley and ultimately to own an art gallery.

Amari participated in our tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou project in which HEB food served as the sponsor for a book of poems, tributes and essays to honor the late great Dr. Angelou.


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