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  • The Fires of Greenwood
    The Tulsa Riot of 1921, a Novel

    The Fires of Greenwood, a novel about the Tulsa riot of 1921, by Frederick Williams, chronicles the events that led to one of the most horrendous slaughters of American citizens in this country's troubled racial past.

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  • Black is the Color of Strength
    Twenty-three African American Artists Make A Strong Statement

    The Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa wrote in his work, Letters to a Young Novelist, "Literature is the window to view the soul of a people."

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  • The Story Behind My Praise
    with Toschia

    Is the soul stirring story of Tera Davis Adams a young woman who had her whole life ahead of her, degree in tow and was headed off to the Navy to "change the world," when the unspeakable happened, her life stopped due to an unwanted attack!

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  • Get Grant Ready

    It is a fun read full of Kim's life experiences, the pitfalls and the how to's and how not to's for having a successful grant writing business.

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  • The ABC of Becoming a Recording Artist

    Are you having a difficult time getting your music career or business started? If so, this book is for you. The ABC's of the Becoming a Recording Artist is an amazing guide for those who want to break into the entertainment industry.

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  • The Life of Dr. Rev. James W. Sanders Sr.
    As Told To Toschia

    Sanders was the first recipient of the Hall of Fame Award of the Cherokee County Branch of the NAACP, was named to the state Black Hall of Fame in 2005 and was awarded the state's highest civilian honor, the Order of the Palmetto.

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  • Acorns in a Skillet
    Stories of Race in America

    Is a collection of short stories that grew out of America's complex racial interactions. The stories are not all conflict based but there is racial confrontation within the collection, particularly in the first two stories.

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