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JC Collins, better known as "Coach Music Business Specialist" by his friends, students, clients, and quite a few others in the Music Industry, has been a Music & Music Business Consultant, Advisor, Educator and Music Business Specialist for 17 years, guiding the careers of many past, present and future Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, and Producers, etc.

He also has much experience as a Consultant to many Music Publishers, Managers, Production Companies, Indie Record Companies. In 1997, he founded the Florida Institute of Cultural & Entertainment/Arts. In 2007 founded the MBA Network "Artist Management" and "Entertainment Law" Courses at the Music Business Academy in Atlanta, GA. It was there, that Coach realized he loved teaching and helping others as much as he enjoyed making music.

Coach's courses and his 300 page book [which was required reading for over 2,500 students] at the Florida Institute of Cultural & Entertainment/Arts has been heralded as one of the most comprehensive resources for aspiring musicians and songwriters. Presently, besides guiding and representing many creative, musical and entertainment business clients, "Coach" has created and recorded a Music Business Academy and is in the process of producing other Music Business Video and Multimedia products. Mr. Collins is known as a catalyst who gets people moving forward in a positive frame of mind - and therefore a positive direction.

His talent and experience in both the creative and business sides of Music, as well as his uncanny insight into people, and finally his enjoyment in helping people achieve their dreams make him a valuable resource to all in the Entertainment Industry.

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