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Jodi Dione Penn was born and raised in Arlington Virginia, the third and youngest daughter of then Joe and Louise Hicks. She discovered her passion early in life but now recognizes it has become her purpose. She has always been able to describe her feelings through the powerful tools of paper and pen. As a child she could hold an audience spellbound as she allowed her imagination to entertain others through acting and singing. While most nine year olds where engaging with friends, Jodi habitually stayed in her room pouring out her heart onto paper. Jodi was known in high school for her life-changing short stories and one of those stories was made into a play and had its debut during her senior year.

A few years after High school, Jodi attended Gibbs business school in Vienna, VA where she began studies in criminal law but her passion for writing overtook her desires to study law. Jodi has a lot of writers that she admires, however she became a die hard fan of author Terry McMillan's work. Authors Zora Neale Hurston, and the late Dr. Maya Angelou are just a few other authors that she enjoys. Jodi's mantra is to remind others that being a woman is so much more than what society deems of women. One of her favorite quotes by Dr. Angelou is, "I'm a woman, Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that's me!" It took Jodi several years to understand her own potential and what her true purpose in life is.

Jodi has been married for over 17 years and is the mother of three daughters one son. Jodi's debut work "Naked," a story of Denial, Anger, Accountability and Forgiveness will be released in December of 2017.

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